Toledo Ohio snowstorm climate forecast winter storm warning


The biggest snowstorm of the season approaches us in two waves – the first comes on Sunday evening and the heavier snowfall begins on Monday evening.

TOLEDO, Ohio – The WTOL 11 First Alert Weather Team is Watch our next winter storm that will throw the biggest snowfall of the season.

The humming of storms between the two snow laps will add up to 6-12 inches making this our biggest snowfall of the season.

The cool weather lasts until midweek, with high temperatures below 20 degrees and low temperatures in the single digits.

Here are three things you should know before it snows in order to prepare for what’s to come now:

1. This will be our biggest blizzard of the season, but it won’t all come overnight.

As a coast-to-coast storm system penetrates the Ohio Valley, steady snow will envelop the region. This snow will come in two waves. The first wave will arrive on late Sunday after midnight and will continue on Monday until noon.

You will wake up on Monday morning with a few inches of snow on the ground, which makes for good travel conditions. The heaviest snow falls southeast of Toledo, and areas like Counties Crawford and Wyandot will wake up to 2 to 4 inches to the ground. And that’s just the first round.

2. We take a short break from the snow on Monday afternoon.

The first part of the winter storm subsided on Monday afternoon, giving way to cloudy skies and dry conditions. This short break will be short-lived, but a few hours with no snowfall will allow crews to clear the roads before more snow arrives.

3. The heaviest snow falls on Monday evening

The second round of this winter storm will arrive around 8 p.m. on Monday evening. Likewise, the most even snow will fall southeast of Toledo, but the entire field of vision will receive significant snowfall.

This second snow wave provides heavier snowfall than the first. Another 3 to 5 inches are expected in Toledo by Tuesday morning, with another 4 to 6 inches piling up in the south.

The storm totals through Tuesday morning exceed half a foot and can add up to a foot of snow!

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