Tiffany Preston Whitman Toledo Metropolis Council


TOLEDO, Ohio – Toledo Councilor Tiffany Preston Whitman announced Thursday that she will run for re-election.

Preston Whitman was appointed to the council in 2020. She says she worked to create opportunities for young people and counter gun violence.

“I am running to keep my seat on the city council because there is more work to be done,” said Preston Whitman. “Toledo’s youth, families, and business owners deserve opportunities to flourish, and we are committed to providing them as guides.”

Preston Whitman was born in Toledo and holds degrees from Ohio State University and Bowling Green State University. She works in the university administration.

“As a working wife and mother, I know firsthand the struggles of Toledo working families, especially after the pandemic,” she said. “My voice will always be a voice for living wage jobs, youth opportunities and safe neighborhoods for all.”