9 LGBTQIA+ pleasant companies to price supporting in Larger Cincinnati


CINCINNATI – The end of Pride Month doesn’t have to mean the end of the celebration and support for the LGBTQIA + community in the greater Cincinnati area.

People like Justin DeJohn and Nigel Cottrell run clubs E | 19 and Below Zero Lounge, respectively, which provide safe havens and popular meeting places for the LGBTQIA + community and their allies.

“We like to say that we are gay owned and operated and straightforward.” said DeJohn, who opened the bar with owners Richard Cooke and Martin Wagner. “We primarily look after the LGBTQ + community and its allies, but everyone is really welcome here.”

Cottrell said that is also the mission behind Below Zero, which opened 15 years ago, and the LGBTQIA + friendly bar Tillie’s in Northside.

“We started identifying as an open-minded bar, run by open-minded people and celebrated in diversity 15 years ago,” said Cottrell. “And that just exploded over the years. And now we have a really cool following across the community. Not just LGBTQ +, but everyone. And that’s what we really wanted. “

Of course, bars and lounges aren’t the only LGBTQIA + friendly or proprietary businesses worth supporting and celebrating in Queen City.

There are places like & Sundries owned and operated by John Meyer in East Walnut Hills. Meyer started making soap and other items in his home before developing it into the successful business it is today.

Meyer said being a gay business owner is not much different from being a straight or cisgender person.

Being a gay business owner is no different than any other type of business owner, “he said.” I think the really great thing about being a gay business owner, and our business in particular, is our ‘Bubbly Good Time’ motto. . ‘ We absolutely love what we do. And we just made it a deal. “

Learn more about e | 19, Below Zero Lounge, & Sundries, and six other LGBTQIA + owned or affiliated companies below.

e | 19, 1905 Elmstrasse, across the Rhine

e | 19 is a lounge bar and nightclub run by Richard Cooke that offers great music and exceptional customer service to create a fun, welcoming experience where the LGBTQ + community and their allies socialize in beautiful surroundings, dance and drink. For more information, visit www.e19bar.com.

Below Zero, 1120 Walnut Street, Over-the-Rhine

Below Zero is one of the longest-running lounges and bars in Cincinnati, serving as a hangout for the LGBTQ + community. Below Zero, operated by Nigel Cottrell, regularly hosts cabarets and other events in addition to regular dance and music evenings. For more information, visit at zerolounge.com. Cottrell also runs LGBTQ + friendly Tillie’s on Hamilton Ave. 4042 in Northside. For more information on this location please visit tillieslounge.com.

Creative Art and Design House, 609 Main St., Covington

The Creative House of Art and Design, or CHAD for short, is owned and operated by Chad Turner and his spouse Chuck Beatty. The couple opened CHAD in November 2020 as a place dedicated to competent and professional art teaching in a friendly, safe and enjoyable environment. CHAD adapts its experience to the needs of the students. For more information, visit www.creativehousead.com.

& Sundries, 2807 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills

John Meyer, the owner of & Sundries, started making soap at home in 2017 before launching his in-store and online ordering business in 2019. Meyer now makes more than 200 products with simple ingredients and takes a holistic approach to its products and customer service, including a line of Pride Month products sold in June. For more information, visit andsundries.com.

Lil’s Bagels, 308 Greenup St., Covington

Julia Keister got tired of looking for good bagels after moving out of New York City. She started making them herself and selling them in pop-up shops before opening a brick factory in Roebling Point in 2018. The accessible window and the interior – coming soon – throw bagels and sandwiches every day. But Lil’s is focused on community and fundraising and focuses a lot on LGBTQ-related causes. For more information, visit www.lilsbagels.com.

Crump and Gracey, online
Add a little glitter to your life with Crump and Gracey, a custom home decor and accessories store that specializes in items like drinking glasses, key chains, and more. Amanda Huber currently runs her business entirely online. For more informations Visit Crump and Gracey on Facebook.

Not your average paint and sip class, 1310 Pendleton St # 400A, Pendleton

James Reynolds leads this unique experience of an upscale paint and sip course in his studio at Pendleton Art Center. Reynolds offers lessons seven days a week by appointment. His studio is open during every Final Friday event in the art studio from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, visit not your average color and sipclass.net.

Originalitees, 2809 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills

Khisha Asubuhi developed the Originalitees clothing line to enable people to rock their city, state, neighborhood, self-identity and more in a positive and creative way. Originalitees’ fashion design aims to bring people and communities together, says Asubuhi. This includes shirt designs that celebrate the Cincinnati LBTQ + community. For more information, visit originalitees.com.

Smartcat Marketing Solutions, 7012 Harrison Ave. # 4, Green Township

Owners Kelly Mullen and Erin Wainscott offer a comprehensive, well-rounded approach to creatively promoting businesses and brands in the greater Cincinnati area. For more information on the company visit www.smartcat.guru.