Columbus suburbs seeing improve in violent crimes


Several cities around Columbus have seen a leap in criminal attacks.

Last year the city of Columbus hit an annual high for homicides, and it is well on its way to top that high this year. But are other local communities seeing the same increase in violence?

There was a slight increase in criminal assault in Westerville, but not as many in 2019.

In Gahanna, Gahanna Police Chief Jeffrey Spence said there had been five shootings in the past five weeks, including two murders.

“Five shootings in five weeks for us in Gahanna is unprecedented,” said Chief Spence.

Grove City has twice as many crimes this year as last year.

There have been 17 serious assaults so far this year in Whitehall, compared to six at this point in 2020.

“For the residents of Upper Arlington, Pickerington, the residents of all these suburban communities, and the City of Columbus, the fear of crime is very real. All you have to do is turn on the television and watch your show every night to understand the depth, gravity and violence in Franklin County, “Spence said at a recent press conference on violence.

When we returned to Columbus, murders and criminal assaults in the city didn’t start to peak until June 2020.

There have been 44 murders in Columbus so far in 2021. At that time, there were 28 murders last year.

So far there have been 543 criminal attacks. That is more than 200 more than at this time last year.

“Most of our criminal offenses involve guns and stolen weapons,” said James Fuqua, sergeant in the Columbus Police Department.