Toledo man pleads responsible to intercourse cost | Information


A Toledo man pleaded guilty to sexual charges.

Mark Collins, 24, of Toledo, appeared in the courtroom of Judge Molly Mack of Wood County Common Pleas on Monday.

He pleaded guilty to spreading substances harmful to minors, a fifth-degree crime, and the non-appearance of a fourth-degree crime.

Collins was charged in January 2020 with providing or exhibiting material to an obscene youth, and buying or owning obscene material in which a minor was a participant.

The incident occurred in April 2019 when the victim was 17 years old.

He did not appear in court in July after being released on May 8 on charges of his own authority.

Mack told Collins that he had up to 18 months in jail for failure to appear and 12 months for dissemination charges. She could make the sentences rolling, which means he could spend 2.5 years in prison.

According to Wood County Assistant Attorney Alyssa Blackburn, Collins provided the victim with nude pictures and obscene videos.

“The only addition I would make to the dissemination fee is that the material my client sent was a response to what he received from the victim,” said defense attorney Lawrence Gold.

A charge of profanity of a minor, a fourth-degree crime, is dismissed in the April 19 conviction.