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Toledo girl goes for wild journey as somebody steals her automotive


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – A scary ride for a Toledo woman after someone stole her car.

When she saw it, she tried to stop it and was almost paralyzed.

As you drive past Fulton and Kenilworth, a broken fence looks like everything that’s left of that stolen car accident, but Jasmine Tucker can still feel the effects

Tucker knows that she is lucky enough to be seated in a body brace.

“I’m just grateful that I’m here and still alive. I was only inches away from paralysis or certain death, ”Tucker said.

Last Tuesday morning at around 9:30 am, after starting her car and warming her driveway, she heard something strange. Somebody stole it. She came out the front door to face the car thieves.

“It was either run over or jumped on the car so it was a fight or an escape so my first instinct was to jump on the car,” Tucker said.

She says she held onto the hood for almost two blocks.

“She was moving so fast that if I let go I would hit several parked cars,” Tucker said.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that this victim is now stuck on the hood of a stolen car, Tucker says the car drove on to Kenilworth, crossed busy Cherry Street at a red light, and then headed back the wrong way Kenilworth drove.

Eventually the car hit the curb at Kenilworth and Fulton and sent Tucker’s body into a power pole.

“Just think of someone with a sledgehammer and they hit you and you’re like … It was godly. It was like something I’d never felt before, ”said Tucker.

Tucker suffered 5 broken ribs and several other fractures in her spine. Toledo Police responded and no arrests have been made.

The two suspects, described as teenagers in a police report, took off after the car hit the fence.

“It was pointless, it was reckless and it was dangerous,” said Tucker.

On top of the Pole Tucker hit is one of those Toledo SkyCop cameras. 13abc asked a department spokesman if this camera saw anything. He said he was checking with detectives about this part of the investigation.

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