Monday, April 22, 2024

Scott HS graduates are heading to school (once more) because of HOPE Toledo


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Scott High School seniors will once again go debt-free to college thanks to HOPE Toledo. The community organization announced this to the students during an event on Wednesday. The program, which is part of the HOPE Toledo Promise, aims to bring about a generational change through access to education.

This is the second year in a row that HOPE Toledo has awarded full scholarships to the senior year of Scott High School. In 2020 they have Scholarships provided to all 108 graduates, of whom 80 attended them on the offer. The program also provided the opportunity for a portion of each graduate to attend college on a scholarship. 23 parents took part in the program.

The requirements for the 2021 program remained broadly the same as last year and were offered to all students who enroll for higher education, complete the free state grant application and apply for the program. This year, however, access depends on how long the student has been enrolled in Scott High School. Students who have been with Scott for four years get full access to the program, those who have been enrolled for less than four years get 25% less access per year (75% access for three years of enrollment, etc.).

The program was mainly funded by founder Pete Kadens, but after the 2020 announcement, he hopes to attract the community for more donations so that HOPE Toledo can send more Toledo seniors to college in the future. For the 2021 program, the ProMedica Foundation and other community partners were part of the funding effort. For more information and to get involved, you can visit your website.

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