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Particular Toledo Humane Society fund that’s helped save dozens of lives is working low


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – A special fund of the Toledo Humane Society has helped save dozens of lives. It’s called Hope’s Fund.

Veterinary care is the largest operational expense in the shelter. A lot of money is spent on operations. Most of these can be done at DBS, but some animals need to be sent to specialists.

This is why Hope’s Fund is so important. Hope was a German Shepherd who came to the shelter as a cruelty case in 2018.

Stephen Heaven is the CEO of THS.

“She was unable to walk and was emaciated. The staff really fell in love with her because she struggled incredibly to regain her strength. “

Despite a heroic attempt to save her, Hope did not survive. Heaven says that in the years since her death, the memorial fund has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help dozens of animals.

“People who donate to this fund know that it will help individual animals lead better and more fulfilling lives. The fund was started by an anonymous donor. It started as a way to cover medical expenses for abused animals, but has expanded to cover the costs of major surgery at animal shelters. It’s about giving all animals here a great chance of a healthy and happy life. “

Kobe is a puppy at the shelter in need of special surgery to correct a life-threatening condition.

Dr. Debbie Johnson is a veterinarian at DBS.

“Kobe has what is known as pulmonary stenosis, in which the valves that come from his heart into his lungs are smaller than they should be. Without a life-saving procedure, he will not live long. “

Dr. Johnson says Gretta is another dog that also needs expensive surgery.

“Gretta is about 7 years old. She needs an ACL repair, which is a fairly common injury. We probably just had 7 or 8 of these cases in 2021. “

According to the Humane Society, the average cost of an operation paid for through the Hope’s Fund is $ 1,500 to $ 2,000. However, some procedures can cost thousands more. The fund is currently almost empty.

Dr. Johnson says the fund has made many success stories possible, and she hopes people will make sure it stays that way for years to come.

“We are doing a lot of advanced procedures here. We have great surgeons, but it all costs money and we couldn’t do it without these donations. We are very grateful to all the people in our church who help make this possible. “

Hope’s Fund is limited so every penny goes towards medical care for animal cruelties and animals in need of specialized surgery.

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