High-ranked Patriots edge previous Columbus | Excessive College


LINCOLN – Everyone – fans, coaches, players, even Tadan Bell himself – would have wholeheartedly supported his final line if they had found out the result before the game.

So to speak, he went six innings, threw 100 pitches, allowed only three hits, did not give up a deserved run and hit six. It sounds like a profitable achievement. Most days it probably would.

But when his teammates couldn’t keep up after a first inning run, Millard South # 1 took advantage of five walks, a CHS mistake, and had just enough for a 2-1 win in the first round of the Class A on Saturday tournament in Den Hartog Field.

The explorers outperformed the Patriots with 5: 3, but with base runners as premium it was not possible to achieve 1: 4 with runners in the valuation position.

“It shows who we are. We got out of here and scored straight away. It’s a shame we couldn’t do it again, but we kept putting the ball into play,” said Bell. “We made a mistake that didn’t help. You did a good job and put pressure on us, which didn’t help.”

Columbus pushed the first run over when Trey Kobza drove off with a single, Colin Flyr surprised him and Kaden Young tore the first place he saw into the right field.

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Millard South tied a mistake in the third on two walks. Bell issued his fourth and fifth free passes of the game, facing two-on-two with two losses. A slow scooter to the second ate up Jarrett Bell and then escaped his view. Patriot Senior Christian Hobbs finished third and then continued home when he saw the confusion.