Cincinnati Reds trip pitching in wild 12-inning win in opposition to Rockies


DENVER – The Cincinnati Reds kept spoiling offensive opportunities on Saturday, but their pitchers didn’t let them lose.

The Reds were 0-10 with runners in goal position at one point. They failed to hit their ghost runner from second base in the 10th inning, the first time that this has happened in additional innings this season. You have 11 runners stranded on the base.

Despite all that, Tyler Mahle and the upper arms in the bullpen did their part – in Coors Field of all places – to give their offensive enough chances to finally score additional innings and win a wild 6-5 thriller against the Colorado Rockies.

“I don’t even know where to start but it was fun to be a part of,” said Reds manager David Bell. “I mean, so much has just happened. So many things have led to a win.”

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May 15, 2021;  Denver, Colorado, USA;  Cincinnati Reds' second baseman Kyle Farmer, 17, celebrates with shortstop Eugenio Suarez (7) after completing a two-part home run against the Colorado Rockies in the eleventh inning at Coors Field.  Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds seemed to have all the swing in the late innings, but they just couldn’t turn it into any runs. Each time the pitching and defense responded in a big way.

• • Seventh inning: The Reds stranded the loaded bases when Jesse Winker stumbled upon the second base. Winker pounded his helmet in frustration.

In the lower half of the inning, Mahle gave Garrett Hampson a three-fold lead. With the 2-2 draw and the infield drawn in, Mahle threw himself out. It induced a flyout to the right field that was not deep enough for a prey fly. He knocked out Charlie Blackmon on three fields and ended the threat with a groundout.

May 15, 2021;  Denver, Colorado, USA;  Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Tyler Mahle (30) delivers a pitch during the first inning against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field.  Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Mahle celebrated with a scream. He pitched seven innings and hit a career high for the fourth time. He gave up a home run in the first inning and then started a series that combined Red’s pitchers on nine straight, goalless frames.

“Throwing here is not easy at all,” said Nick Castellanos. “To settle in after the first inning he’s had and to get through the amount of innings he’s made … well done.”

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• • Eighth inning: Castellanos hit a lead on the right field, but did not get beyond the second base. Tejay Antone followed with a 1-2-3 lower half of the inning.

“Tejay is one of the best pitchers in baseball right now – not just now, but also,” said Mahle. “There’s no other way of putting it other than he’s just utterly evil.”

May 15, 2021;  Denver, Colorado, USA;  Cincinnati Reds right fielder Nick Castellanos (2) slips under the shortstop Trevor Story (27) of the Colorado Rockies during the eighth inning at Coors Field.  Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

• • Ninth inning: Kyle Farmer and Jonathan India hit consecutive singles to open the inning. Alex Blandino tried unsuccessfully to lay down a colorful victim that turned into a pop-out. After the choice of a field player had brought the runners to the corners, Winker struck in one stroke, in which he scored 3-0.

In the lower half of the inning, Shogo Akiyama caught the warning trail, robbing Garrett Hampson of a possible three-pack. Winker, the left field player, immediately hugged him.

“I didn’t think he had a chance,” said Bell.

“I think Wink’s reaction to Shogo making this catch is probably as great as Shogo’s catch,” said Castellanos. “It’s just the little things that make a difference to me in the course of 162.”

Antone looked stunned with his mouth open before he raised his arms over his head and tossed the hat to Akiyama. He sat next to Akiyama in the dugout and put his arm around his shoulder.

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• • 10th inning: Tyler Stephenson ended up in a double game and the Reds failed to hit their ghost runner with that extra innings rule for the first time in their two seasons on that second base.

There is so much pressure on a pitcher in the lower half of the inning when the offense doesn’t score. Lucas Sims seemed to make a living from it.

A broken bat groundout put the runner in third place, but Sims escaped with one strikeout and another groundout. Sims was pumping his fist as he walked down the hill.

“Your back is obviously completely against the wall,” said Bell. “You have to create parking spaces. There is a level where you just want to be in this situation and compete.”

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May 15, 2021;  Denver, Colorado, USA;  Cincinnati Reds' second baseman, Kyle Farmer, 17, faces a two-run homerun against the Colorado Rockies in the eleventh inning at Coors Field.  Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

11th inning: Farmer ended the Reds drought with a split homer to left field. He knew immediately where it was going and took a few jumps out of the racket’s box.

Rockie’s reliever Ben Bowden threw him three bills. It initially surprised Farmer because the analytical report said Bowden threw 73% fastballs in first place when a runner was in goal position.

“He threw me a first pitch change that went against 73%,” Farmer said. “There’s always an outlier, but I took my risk. Then he threw one over my head.

“I didn’t necessarily sit up (a move). I sat in a square to hit the ball, like Oppo, because I knew he was trying to walk away from me. It just cut my barrel.”

At the end of 11th place, the Rockies infielder Josh Fuentes hit a game-winning double-off Sims with two runs and one out. It cheered on the crowd of 20,136 people as Fuentes clapped his hands and yelled at his teammates in the dugout.

Sims settled down and gave his offensive one more chance by ending the inning with two strikeouts.

“Lucas was excellent,” said Bell. “Hard place he’s been. I really want to make sure he knows what a good job he’s done.”

May 15, 2021;  Denver, Colorado, USA;  Colorado Rockies left fielder Raimel Tapia (15) slips into second base after a double as Cincinnati Reds second baseman Jonathan India (6) attempts a game in the first inning against the Cincinnati Reds at Coors Field close.  Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-USA Sports

12th inning: Castellanos threw an RBI double into the right field. It was his third hit of the night, which included a homer with two runs in the third inning. He moved up to third with a single from Nick Senzel and scored a groundout.

A chance for more runs was missed when Tucker Barnhart went into a double game.

“It’s amazing to see how (Castellanos) is doing and what he is doing,” said Farmer. “He brings life to this team.”

The Reds gave Heath Hembree a split pillow and he slammed the door. He withdrew all three batters he faced with three ground balls and frustrated hitters with his slider.

“All three,” said Mahle of the helpers on Saturday, “I lean back and look at their things. I think if I could throw a slider half as well as one of these three guys, I would be.” so happy.’ They are amazing. All are. “

After a 12 innings roller coaster ride that lasted four hours and 10 minutes, the Reds improved to 7-2 in additional innings that season.

“It is an honor,” said Akiyama, according to interpreter Luke Shinoda, “to be part of such a game.”