convicted cleveland killer new trial ordered


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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Last month, the I team captured John Tiedjen go inside Cuyahoga District Court tries to clear his name and go home after spending more than 30 years in prison.

That day he spoke to us by phone behind bars.

Tiedjen said: “I did not commit the crime. And I hope the result comes out, the truth comes out, find out I didn’t. “

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Tiedjen is serving an 18-year sentence to life imprisonment. Convicted of the 1989 Cleveland murder of his roommate.

But attorney Kim Corral showed the court’s crime scene photos, arguing that some had been hidden from defense lawyers. She also argued that some photos revealed possible evidence that was never investigated.

Tiedjen also said to FOX 8, “Well, it’s still worth fighting because … the facts that came out that held them back and all of this evidence that is coming out now.”

An evidence specialist with a company called Evidence Room, too created an animation to show that the victim took her own life and the police got it wrong. Scott Roder also emphasized the questions raised by a closer look at the crime scene photos.

Roder said: “Some of these photographs do not come close to the level of a complete or comprehensive documentation of this crime scene.”

Sometimes we saw inmates come out of the prison right outside the door of the judicial center. They went free after washing their names in old cases.

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Cuyahoga County Prosecutors have argued in court records that Tiedjen told conflicting stories about what happened. Tiedjen said he felt pressured by the police in 1989. And he still says so.

We asked about his numerous stories and he replied, “Well, the police told me what to say.”

We asked the public prosecutor’s office to comment on the new ruling.

A court entry shows the new trial date for next month.

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