Cleveland strikes a step nearer to creating metropolis constructing authority


(Cleveland) – The City of Cleveland has taken another step that will result in the creation of a City Planning Board. This agency, which must be approved by state lawmakers, would give the board of directors the power to hold, own and broker real estate and personal property, acquire, build, buy and own needed projects, and accept gifts and other financial resources .

The city council held a public hearing on the matter on Tuesday evening to report the city’s residents and get comments on the project.

City Administrator Tom O’Bryant said Senator Steve Gooch has agreed to put laws in place that will establish the agency.

The agency will consist of five members who live in the city, with two members appointed by the mayor and the city council, one member of the town planning and zoning commission, and two members by the city council.

Cleveland Mayor Josh Turner said the agency will “give the city more opportunities to fund and work with various projects.”