Cleveland Heights lady begins podcast she hopes will assist others develop of their spirituality


CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio – During the summer of 2020 that was darkened by a pandemic that resulted in stores closing and asking people to social distant and wear masks, in the eyes of most people, in the eyes of Hailey Wetzel, it wasn’t the best summer It was an unforgettable summer.

“It’s been a great summer,” said the 23-year-old Cleveland Heights resident, looking back on a time when she discovered yoga and took an insightful camping trip to Kentucky. During this trip to the Red River Gorge, she took part in some intense conversations with friends and enjoyed nature and got closer to it. The journey and everything she experienced went hand in hand with her discovery of yoga. Switching these things up prompted Wetzel to start a podcast in September called “High on Light,” a program with the slogan “Your One-Stop Shop for Spirituality Through Human Connection.”

“I think I got the idea for the podcast when my yoga journey began in July,” said Wetzel. “It was summer and COVID, like everyone else, threw a large wrench into my life, which was happening at the time. It was a difficult thing, to be honest, to just stop everything like that.

“My friend asked me to take a yoga class (outdoors, at sunset) and that was the beginning of a spiritual journey that I was on. Then the idea for the podcast began. The podcast is still in its infancy.

“Then I went on a camping trip with my two super great friends. I call them my soul mates because I feel like we were brought together for greater reasons than just to be friends. We did a great hike. In the end we had a lot of conversations that made it clear to me why people are here. We are here to connect and we are here to connect to our spiritual side, whatever that may be for any human being. I see a lot of spirituality in human connection and that’s where the idea for High on Light began.

“I’ve bonded with my good friends and this great revelation, this revelation, you could say. I was raised Catholic and despite all the respect for the Catholic Church, there were other parts of my spirituality that I had to find in order not to find it there, and that I found in nature through a connection with really, really powerful people I had myself met on my travels and explored other cultures. “

Wetzel believes that she can gain insight by withdrawing from the material world and appreciating everything she sees in nature and in other people and their cultures. Wetzel was now in a healthcare recruiting position and previously served in a position where she had traveled extensively. In 2017 as a member of Give volunteersShe took a trip to Nicaragua that turned her head when she saw people content with the mundane little things in life rather than the materialistic things some Americans value.

So far, Wetzel has made nine podcasts in which she talks to a guest about topics that may start with spirituality but are often devoted to other topics.

“High on light, all of the episodes I’ve done with it have really gone in so many different directions,” she said. “They really weren’t what I expected them to be. In many episodes we have moved away from talking about really spiritual things. “So far, the episodes have focused on topics like meditation and getting out of your comfort zone or, as Wetzel said,” all things that help you on your spiritual journey and find yourself. “

Wetzel, who grew up in Willoughby and is the daughter of Richmond Heights Police Chief Thomas Wetzel, finds guests mostly from the circle of people she meets but is eager to expand that circle. She said she would like to interview guests like Buddhist monks or those who are deeply interested in meditation or yoga.

“The yoga community has been the most supportive of this podcast,” she said, “which is really designed to become more of a movement one day.”

Wetzel, who says she is “addicted to yoga” and its mental and physical benefits, said she also enjoys traveling, hiking and camping. “For me, nature is a gateway, a portal to this spiritual world,” she said.

Wetzel said of her attitude towards what she would like to look for through her spirituality: “I don’t know that it is always necessarily something that I want to look for. I think it depends on where I am in my life. I always try to find joy and fulfillment in the present moment. This is a common topic and it’s hard to do, especially if you have a day job and a fast paced lifestyle.

“Our life is so fleeting. I am constantly working on myself. I try to surround myself with people who make me better – I want them to improve me, and I want to improve them too. Whenever I am on a trip or hiking, I am always reminded of something, be it to live my life with more intent, to be present, to be more kind to myself and to other people, to think more about the environment, my everyday life Lifestyle.

“I think (spirituality) is a lot different. I think it’s a path that never ends “

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