2B Boys Basketball roundup: Toledo beats NWC in OT | Boys


Right after the goal, an offensive miscommunication by NWC resulted in revenue, and a long pass was enough to reach the hosts and just lay down. One possession later, the Wolverines did it again, and suddenly Toledo was up at four.

From then on, it was a hold-on job for the hosts, who converted three free throws and did just enough to win by two.

Carlo Arceo-Hansen was almost the only player who had early success offensively and ended the game with 25 points, six steals, two assists and two blocks.

“He was stable,” said Fallon. “Christ, we had nine points in the first quarter and 18 in the first half, like holy smoke. And he had 10 of these 18. “

Jesse Towns added eight points and Jake Cournyer scored seven – four of them in overtime.

But for most of the game, Toledo tried hard to put the ball in the basket. The hosts scored nine points each in the first two quarters, jumped to 17 points in the third and dropped to 10 in the fourth.

“We got a decent look but we also had some off-balance shots and some turnovers, some bonehead games playing down the track, you want those games back,” Fallon said. “It’s not a big deal at the time, but when you had six or seven or eight of these, you wish you had these when there was overtime.”