2 causes Joe Jiménez was optioned to Toledo to start out 2021


The Detroit Tigers‘Right handed Joe Jiménez was chosen to go to Toledo to start the 2021 season. The former seamstress has been informed that he has not created the squad to kick off the 2021 season and he will start the year in Toledo.

For anyone who has chosen Toledo, however, it means they’ll be stationed at the Detroit Tigers’ “alternate training venue” earlier this year, which is a return from last season’s COVID-19 rules.

Jiménez was closer to the organization early in 2020, where he was eventually downgraded and lost the job before the end of the 60-game sprint season. He didn’t do that well this spring and will eventually find himself at the alternative training location.

AJ Hinch said Joe Jimenez ran sprints in the field after receiving the bad news this morning:

“I love the person. He will work tirelessly. I have no doubt.”

– Evan Woodbery (@evanwoodbery) March 27, 2021

Jiménez is looking for a role and a demotion isn’t ideal for him, but there are a couple of reasons for that, that’s for sure. He’s trying to get back on track after the fights he’s had and it could mean a reset was necessary for Jiménez.

The Detroit Tigers picked Joe Jiménez for Toledo, and here are two reasons why:

Reason # 1: After losing the graduation job in 2020, it went back and Jiménez has the option to go to the alternate training location to find out.

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In 2020, Jiménez pitched a total of 22.2 innings in 25 games and managed a 7.15 ERA, 1.37 whip and 22 punchouts for the Tigers. It would also allow 25 hits, six walks and 18 earned runs.

He made five saves but would lose the senior job before the end of the 60-game season. After that terrible performance, he would make six appearances for a total of 5.1 innings, with an ERA of 5.06 and a whip of 1.69.

Jiménez had given up three deserved runs and a total of five runs with six hits, three walks, and one hit, and he gave up a big fly.

He wasn’t the same pitcher as he was in 2018 when he was an All-Star, and his option for Toledo could help him regroup and reset.

Reason # 2: The Tigers chose Jiménez to leave four left-handers in their bullpen to kick off the 2021 season.

The tigers have finalized her listThat said, they also ironed out their bullpen. They chose to keep four right-handed jugs and four left-handed jugs. They kept Bryan Garcia, Buck Farmer, Jose Cisnero, and Michael Fulmer as the right-handed crew of the bullpen.

The tigers Gregory Soto, Daniel Norris, Derek Holland and Tyler Alexander hold tight to the southern paws. The organization decided to keep Derek Holland, which frankly is a bit of a surprise. But it’s just one more reason to downgrade Jiménez and send him to Toledo.

With Holland in the squad and Cisnero in the bullpen, Jiménez was the unusual. However, after lazy performances in 2020 and this spring, the downgrade shouldn’t be too much of a shock.

The biggest question that remains to be asked is not why Jiménez was downgraded or what the reasons were. rather, how is he going to bounce back?