Toledo’s group facilities stand to learn from COVID reduction


The Frederick Douglass Community Center has been slowly improving, but stimulus money might be the fresh start it takes.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Reggie Williams, the executive director of the Frederick Douglass Community Center, showed me all three floors of the place affectionately known as “Doug”.

It was built in 1979 and has barely improved since then.

“Our gym is the heart of the building, so we can have a new gym floor and sound system [would be nice]”Said Williams.” WIFI is vital as we are in a technological age and need to run programs on laptops and computers. “

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For the past seven years, Williams in his role has revitalized the building with a paint job and new carpeting, but he believes using part of the $ 188 million that comes to Toledo from the federal COVID relief bill is new Might breathe life into the building and the mayor seem interested.

“I think it is very safe to say that these community centers will see investment,” said Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz.

Williams dreams big about how Doug could help the youth in the community, from participating in the professional development program to teaching cooking classes with some improvements in the kitchen.

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He also wants to make sure they have stable WiFi in order to start a coding program in partnership with Bowling Green State University.

“When the mayor personally says the Doug is on his mind and the mind of town, life changes,” Williams said.

Williams even envisions a virtual medical appointment station where parents who collect their children from daycare can meet basic medical needs.

It’s something this community deserves.

“It speaks to me about what Doug has meant to this community, and it’s time to show our love to the building for what it means to us,” said Williams.