Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Toledo roads levy is paving the way in which for repairs


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Summer is construction season in northwest Ohio. As you drive around the area you can see the project and you might wonder who is doing the math. Some of the road repairs are federally funded, while others are supported by state funds or local dollars. Here in the city of Toledo, the next project you see might have a sign that says the answer to who is paying for the project.

In November, taxpayers approved an income tax of 0.25%. All of that money, nearly $ 18 million a year, goes straight to road repairs. The city is marking the modernizations paid for by the levy with new signs, explaining where the money comes from and also thanks the taxpayers for their support. One of the current projects is on Hill Avenue between Holland Sylvania and I-475 / US-23. Some business owners 13abc spoke to said the road repairs were long overdue and they’re glad the area is getting a facelift, but it comes at a price.

Eddie Swade owns a bar on Hill Avenue and says the one-way street cuts his business in half.

“We appreciate what they are doing, but no one is out for 5 days, we will switch off for 75 days? who will support us? Who is going to pay our bills? ”Says Swade.

Down the street, Rochelle’s neighbors recently paved their street thanks to road tax money. It was one of the first income tax financed residential street projects. Neighbors say so far so well, they just want people to slow down and stop using the street as a passage during the surrounding construction work.

As for the signs, Karen Yarger, who lives in Toledo, says she likes the idea of ​​knowing where her money is being spent.

“I appreciate it myself. To know where the money is actually going, ”says Yarger.

So far, in 2021, the city has re-paved or reconstructed almost 21 km of residential streets in the city. The aim is to complete sections of more than 100 streets with a length of more than 52 km across the city by the end of the year.

Click here for a full list of Toledo City’s current and upcoming road projects.

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