Youngstown nonprofit elevating cash for elevated college safety


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown United As One is committed to raising $ 10,000 through October to donate to Youngstown City Schools for added security.

So far, they have raised over $ 6,000. The money they collect is donated to schools for additional security measures such as security guards, metal detectors or cameras.

“A lot of gun violence, unnecessary killing so that it can easily spread to the schools. They need to realize that the schools are in our neighborhood, ”said Darrell Jones, president of Youngstown United As One.

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Youngstown City Schools said in a statement that they are grateful to Youngstown United As One for these efforts, and the district appreciates the organization’s commitment to its fellows.

The school district looks forward to continuing to work with the non-profit organization for the benefit of YCSD students.

Jones said it was all about prevention and that this was one of their short-term goals for the year – and he wants to thank everyone who has donated.

“The children are our future and the future of Youngstown is right behind us, behind those doors. You never know any of these students might be a scientist or a doctor, so we need to make sure they are protected, ”said Jones.