Toledo raises sewer and water charges | Information


TOLEDO – Toledo City Council unanimously voted to pass two resolutions increasing the basic usage rates for the city’s water and sanitation customers during its regular session on Wednesday via Zoom.

From today Toledos Sewage and water customers pay 2 percent more for their flat rates and 4 percent more for their usage rates.

According to documents in the meetings Agenda package means the city charges $ 4.94 per 1,000 gallons of water within the city limits and $ 9.88 per 1,000 gallons outside the city limits. For the sewer the cityThe base fee within the city limits is $ 17.96 and the base fee outside the city limits is $ 35.92.

Mayor Rod Cross said, despite the surge, ToledoThe prices are still far behind their closest comparable neighbor, Philomath. He said PhilomathThe monthly rates for the same amount of service are about 50 cents more for water and about $ 4 more for sewage.

WeI’m staying a little bit ahead of the curve, but I want people to know that we are still way behind most other churches. Said Cross. We attractI don’t want to end up in the same situation Portland is in. To see what Portland charges up to say it’s shocking is an understatement. For the sewers alone, the average living space is 4,000 gallons over $ 400 a month.

Cross asked his fellow councilors to reach out to their constituents and keep them informed of the need for rate hikes to keep the city alives services and said the cityThe aim is to keep prices relatively low compared to other municipalities.

The change also applies to Toledo customers in Seal Rock according to the city of Toledos agreement with the Seal Rock Water District.

Other notable points from Wednesday’s meeting are:

• • The council approved a permit to allow alcohol consumption at a monthly public event at Timbers Restaurant.

• • The council considered lowering the $ 150 per day fee for the Toledo Chamber of Commerce to use Memorial Fields Waterfront Market but asked the Chamber to apply for funding from the citys contribution committee to cover costs.

• • The city has accepted its goals for the 2021/22 financial year. Objectives include: completing a strategic plan to manage urban investment in financial and human resources; Keeping the community informed of council and city activities by reaching out through a variety of methods; Promoting economic development by supporting business investment and securing grants for projects such as commercial rehabilitation; Improvement of emergency preparedness; Encouraging the development of housing resources through programs such as rehabilitation loans, community projects, and reducing barriers to private development; to maintain and improve public infrastructure and facilities; and make progress on the funding and completion of the Toledo Public Safety Building.

• • The council heard a presentation from Hannah Watson of Youth Tides Shelter.

• • The Toledo Police Chief Michael Pace introduced the departments new wellness app for police officers.