Toledo man accused of attempting to assault Burgoon man with damaged glass


BURGOON – Police said they aimed stun guns at a Burgoner on Friday after he went after his friend with a piece of broken glass.

Nathan Christy, 25, of Toledo, is on charges of grievous second degree assault after taking a piece of glass from a bowl that was broken when his friend hit him with it and following up on the man, according to a sheriff’s office in Sandusky County Report.

The report said that Christy’s boyfriend, 56, and the man’s mother told the police that Christy was next door with the glass and that he was protecting himself from Christy after a fight around 8:08 p.m. on Friday.

When the man called the police, he told them he had hit Christy with a glass bowl in self-defense, and Christy picked up the glass and tried to attack the man with it, the report said.

When the police arrived, Christy was holding a piece of red glass and was instructed by two officers with electric batons to drop the glass.

Officers asked Christy if he was injured, and the man said he had back injuries. He was brought for treatment by EMS before he was released and sent to Sandusky County Prison.

While talking to Christy’s boyfriend and mother, they told the police that Christy had been involved in multiple violations and often had guns. The friend’s mother told the police several times that Christy needed help.

The woman said she had to get between the two and Christy would throw objects at her son and hit him, the report said.

Christy’s friend told police that Christy said he was going to kill himself, and the mother heard Christy say so, the report said.

When Christy’s friend was questioned by the police, he said the two were fighting and he went into the bedroom to get a glass bowl to defend himself when Christy started beating him.

During the fight, the glass bowl broke and Christy took a piece of glass and, according to the report, went after the man.

The man’s mother said she saw Christy try to stab her son during the fight.

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