Toledo Northwestern Ohio Meals Financial institution’s backpack program


For many children in our ward, school meals may be the only time they eat during the day. So we can all help change that

TOLEDO, Ohio – Unfortunately, there are many children in our nation who go to bed hungry, including children here in our ward.

One in four children is starving in northwest Ohio alone.

Officials and volunteers at the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank are on a mission to end this statistic.

They hope they can do this with their backpacking program.

For many children in our ward, school meals may be the only meal they eat throughout the day.

The food bank has partnered with local schools to distribute backpacks filled with groceries to children who depend on school meals. The children can take the backpacks home over the weekend or during the school holidays to make sure they have something to eat.

The backpacking program ensures hungry children get the nutritious food they need to grow, learn and thrive.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the food bank has also been distributing food boxes to people in need in our community.

Toledo Northwestern Food Bank strives to maximize the community’s resources by sourcing and distributing food through a food collection and distribution system. They need your help.

The food bank needs volunteers and donations because the demand for food boxes and backpacks is so high.

To find out how to help and what to donate, go to Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank website.