Kilos of hallucinogens, different medicine, present in Columbus house; two arrested | Crime


A man and woman in their early twenties were arrested after the Columbia County Drug Task Force found more than seven pounds of various illegal drugs and cash-trafficking equipment in a Columbus home Thursday.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office says the shipment contained more than a pound of MDMA, known by the street name ecstasy; four pounds of THC wax and oils; and two and a half pounds of psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, DMT (also known by the street name Dimitri), mescaline, and other hallucinogens. The street value of the seized drugs is estimated at $ 300,000, according to the Sheriff’s Office. A weapon and an electronic weapon commonly known as a taser were also recovered.

Alexander Obermeier, 22, and Samantha Libricz, 23, on Wednesday, are each charged with six criminal offenses, including maintaining a drug trafficking center and property with the intent to deliver various illegal drugs. Both are listed at the same address on the 100 block on East Prairie Street in Columbus. According to online court records, Wisconsin also has no criminal record.

Both had their first appearances in court on Tuesday and received signatures. Your next court dates are set for early June.