The Video Recreation Historical past of Cincinnati versus Murray State


Usually we start game week out here by reading the story of the Cincinnati bear cats against the coming opponent.

That doesn’t work this week as the schools have never played even though they are in adjacent states.

The only story the two schools seem to have relates to former Bearcats trainer Mick Cronin, who piloted the Murray State Racers before heading to Cincinnati.

In 2005, Cronins Murray State Club competed against the Bearcats, who were then coached by Andy Kennedy on an interim basis. Their November meeting was the first game since Bob Huggins was ousted as head coach that summer.

The two teams struggled early in the 2005 season when Cincinnati captured a 79-75 win in extra time.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any highlights of the game on YouTube to post in the article.

But I found a video on YouTube of a guy playing NCAA Football 06 with a Murray State Dynasty team against Cincinnati. In this version, Murray State is number 18 in the country. You also win 28-21.