Cincinnati Advertising Analysis and Perception Corporations Accomplice on New Internship Program to Promote Higher Range within the Trade


CINCINNATI, April 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Cincinnati-based research and insight firms Burke, Inc., Directions Research, EMI Research Solutions, and MarketVision Research are pleased to announce the creation and launch of the Minority Access Partnership Program – a unique internship program for multiple companies that aims to expand opportunities for growth, development, and mentoring in research and insights into a more diverse talent pool.

MAPP partner company

“We believe that promoting inclusion and diversity in our industry is absolutely necessary,” he said Damon Jones, Vice President at Burke. “This program will not only help build a legacy of success for minorities and their communities, but will also help strengthen our businesses and the work we do. Incorporating new perspectives and unique experiences into our corporate cultures will benefit us and ours do.” Industry, more powerful, more complete and more versatile. ”

The four companies will jointly partner with universities, junior colleges and historically black colleges to enable minority students to learn more about and work in the research and insight industry. This exciting initiative will help companies recruit and retain exceptional talent from the region. Selected applicants will work towards achieving the desired career results during the internship. You will receive guidance and support from leading industry professionals, as well as competitive compensation that is the same for all four companies.

For more information on the Minority Access Partnership program, please contact the following. Further details on the program will be published this summer.

SOURCE Burke, Inc .; Directions; EMI research solutions; MarketVision Research