The newest data on Cincinnati’s police accountability efforts is as follows:


That year, Cincinnati celebrated the 20th anniversary of the police murder of Timothy Thomas, which eventually led to a series of reforms collectively known as the Joint Agreement. Despite praise for these reforms, discussions continue on common elements, including a police accountability committee called the Civil Complaints Department.

Her supporters, including Secretary General Gabe Davis, argue that much more money will be needed to deal with the unhandled portion of the complaint against Cincinnati police officers that needs investigation. The call comes as the number of complaints against officials supported by the CCA grows.

Meanwhile, another gunfight by the Louisville police force recently sparked a new change to the CPD. Police issued an arrest warrant without knocking when they shot Breona Taylor in her apartment last year. She was not suspected of any crime. The incident and the resulting national unrest eventually convinced the city of Cincinnati to clear the CPD’s policy regarding these arrest warrants.

Cincinnati version is to join Citizens Complaints Office Gabriel Davis, Managing Director, Cincinnati Black United Front Member Iris Rory, Legal Assistant for the City of Cincinnati Mark Manning, Ohio Justice and Politics Center Deputy Director Sasha Naiman and Cincinnati City Council Member Chris Sirbach.

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The latest information on the Cincinnati Police Accountability efforts is as follows:

Source link The latest information on the Cincinnati Police Accountability efforts is as follows: