The Nationwide Flag Firm is woven into Cincinnati historical past


CINCINNATI – For more than 150 years, some of the American flags that adorn things like U.S. Navy ships and flags that were given as gifts to world leaders have been made right here in Cincinnati.

The National Flag Company has been at home in the West End since 1869 and members of the Schaller family have been helping run the company for many years.

Art Schaller Jr., the current president of the National Flag Company, joined the company in 1979, two years after his father, Art Schaller Sr., became president of the company. Now Artie, Schaller’s son, works in the company and one day the company will be in his hands.

“It’s somehow in Schaller’s blood,” said Schaller.

And what makes the National Flag Company flags so special is that they are sewn by skilled craftsmen like Schaller himself, who still finds time to work with needle and thread.

“I like to sew,” said Schaller. “I would say this year, I sew probably a good 20 hours a week or so.”

The National Flag Company is one of the best kept secrets in Cincinnati, according to Schaller.

“We still are to some extent,” he said. “But we feel like we’re starting to get out of our 150-year-old clam a bit.”