Watch the advert Vacation spot Cleveland will run through the NFL Draft to advertise the town


CLEVELAND, Ohio – “There’s no better place to call home” is the message Destination Cleveland sports fans want to take away from the NFL Draft, which begins downtown today.

A new ad, commissioned by Destination Cleveland, will air in nine markets for eleven days starting tonight. It promotes the city and hopefully reinforces the positive image quality that the city will receive over the next three days.

The ad will run on ESPN and the NFL network in nine markets through May 9: Columbus, Cincinnati, Detroit, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City and Washington, DC

Unsurprisingly, the 30-second spot has a sporting focus – for example, it shows scenes from a Browns game and uses language on the subject of sport: “We are a city that has never been defeated” and “You can win our victories measure loyalty in passion and passion. “

The Cleveland Museum of Art, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Flats, and other northeast Ohio venues are also represented. It ends with the line, “This is the country and there is no better place to call home.”

Destination Cleveland Spends approximately $ 80,000 on the campaign.

Emily Lauer, senior director of communications at Destination Cleveland, said the ad was a preview of an evolving expansion for the Cleveland brand that will continue later this year. “Branding will involve messaging that has been refined and likely expanded to define Cleveland as a visitor destination and a place to live and work,” she said.

The ad is part of a larger campaign by Destination Cleveland and other community organizations to maximize the reach of the design.

The marketing campaign includes an initial collaboration between Destination Cleveland, Team NEO and Engage! Cleveland, called “Cleveland wants to draw you.“The aim of the pilot is to get people to look at the design to learn more about living and working in Cleveland.

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