TFD Looking out For Man In Maumee River + Automobile Chase in East Toledo


Have a nice Wednesday, neighbors! Here you will find everything you need to know about what is happening on site today.

First the weather today: Humid and partly cloudy all day. High: 87 Low: 73.

Here are the top stories of today in Toledo:

  1. Rescue divers are looking for a man in the Maumee River near Downtown Toledo. Toledo fire and rescue have not yet been able to find the man and efforts continue. (13abc action news)
  2. Maumee Water bills are expected to increase 40% over the next month. The price increase is a side effect of a significant overhaul of the City water treatment systemthat had previously allowed millions of gallons of sewage into the Maumee River. (13abc action news)
  3. Local Toledo Companies give life supports humanitarian projects in Colombia, including drug rehabilitation centers and old people’s homes. Efforts include selling coffee from coffee farmers in Colombia and then sending the profits back to those in need. (Toledo City Paper)
  4. Former Toledo’s mayor Carty Finkbeiner consider another Mayor’s run. Finkbeiner served as Toledos mayor to the two terms from 1993 and a third term in the year 2005. (WTOL)
  5. Leading robbery suspects Toledo Police on the hunt East Toledo. The police reacted to a robbery Bambinos Pizza on Airport Highway which led to a chase. The suspects were arrested when they finally escaped on foot. (13abc action news)

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  • Now open: Toledo Native opens the first black-hand coffee shop in Downtown Toledo (13abc action news)
  • Celebrate the summer with German food and fun in the Bavarian sports club summer festival picnic (WTOL)
  • UToledo accelerates the demolition of parking garages after the Florida collapse (13abc action news)
  • 1 ProMedica summer concert Series show pulls 4,600 to. at Downtown Toledo (WTOL)
  • Grand Lodge pantry in the Toledo Handing out groceries to families in need on Thursday (WTOL)
  • Toledo’s PET Bull project: “Congratulations to our boy Digby on the perfect forever home !!” (Facebook)
  • Toledo Art Museum: “You too can be an art curator! The Cloister Gallery is showing this special Art Minute.” (Instagram)
  • Downtown Toledo: “We’re doing the renovations in Levis Square Park! If you haven’t been there, join us for lunch in Levis this Thursday.” (Instagram)
  • Toledo Humane Society: “Now we are introducing the newest group of THS alumni! They have all seen our adoption photos of the wonderful animals.” (Facebook)
  • Ohio Photographer: “This rare photo of all 3 of them. Note to myself, food makes it so much easier!” (Instagram)
  • Mom’s house in Toledo: “We were so blessed to have a visit from our Founder Nancy Nudo today!” (Facebook)

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