Cleveland police officer suspended for avoiding work throughout George Floyd protests


CLEVELAND, Ohio – A police officer was suspended for 15 days without pay after accused of avoiding work during the riots over George Floyd’s protests in May and June 2020.

A disciplinary letter from Public Security Director Karrie Howard stated that officer Hayley McNatt “did not report duty during a period of civil unrest” after being asked to report by a supervisor. The letter also accuses McNatt of abusing sick time to “avoid difficult and undesirable tasks.”

In addition to the 15-day suspension, an order to abuse the sick leave must also be received, the letter said.

McNatt was one of two officers disciplined by the department. Det. Daniel Hourihan has been given a written reprimand and is in need of retraining in search and seizure techniques after being found guilty of improper search during a traffic obstruction according to a disciplinary letter from Howard.

The letter said Hourihan searched a suspect during a traffic obstruction on June 21, 2019 but found no criminal evidence. Hourihan then searched the suspect a second time, even though the suspect refused to give him permission. The disciplinary letter states that Hourihan had no legal justification for the second search.