Columbus man charged with hate crime after allegedly making anti-Semitic remarks, breaking neighbor’s window


If convicted, Douglas Schifer faces a prison sentence of up to a year and a possible fine of up to $ 100,000.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A Columbus man accused of making anti-Semitic threats against his neighbors and breaking one of their windows has been charged with hate crimes.

Douglas G. Schifer, 65, reportedly used violence and the threat of violence to intimidate one of his neighbors on November 7, 2020, according to the acting U.S. attorney for the southern district of Ohio.

The criminal complaint states that a neighbor came out to see his dog and Schifer’s dog barking at a shared fence between the two properties. The neighbor said Schifer started screaming and said, “I’ll poison your dog when it comes back to the fence.”

Schifer was reportedly still at the fence when he approached one of the neighbors and spat on him.

The complaint mentions several incidents in which Schifer gave indications that Jewish people were gassed and burned in ovens.

Schifer also reportedly broke one of their windows. As the neighbor and his guests went outside to investigate, he heard Schifer’s front door close.

Schifer also reportedly stated that he would shoot her, poison her dog and burn down a garage that they would convert into an apartment.

On November 11, a Columbus police officer interviewed Schifer by telephone. He said, “I blew her up. I did it,” but refused threats to shoot her or make anti-Semitic comments.

The complaint says that although Schifer denied breaking the window, he offered to pay for it.

If convicted, Schifer faces a prison sentence of up to a year and a possible fine of up to $ 100,000.