Sherwin-Williams HQ plans fill in questions on influence on Downtown Cleveland


CLEVELAND – Plans for the new Sherwin Williams headquarters in the heart of downtown Cleveland give residents a closer look at how these new structures will fit into the neighborhood.

The plan
The office tower itself will occupy part of the above-ground parking lot at the corner of Superior Avenue and West 3rd Street. The plans suggest it will be about 36 stories tall, potentially making it shorter than both the Key Tower and 200 Public Square.


The new headquarters would have fewer floors than the Key Tower and 200 Public Square. It’s not clear how high it could end up being.

A two-storey pavilion is planned for the plot of land directly west of the square. A multi-storey car park with retail space on the ground floor is planned on the plot of land north of the planned HQ building.

Pedestrian bridges are planned above street level to connect the HQ with the pavilion and the parking garage. Sherwin-Williams also urges the city to vacate Frankfort Street between the two parking lots, with plans to block this street from West 3rd Street and use it as a loading entrance.



Phase 1 would continue to hold large areas to the west of the new development.

The plans also show the western portions of the lots that remain undeveloped for the time being, with the southern lot for a future Sherwin-Williams extension and the northern lot for other commercial, retail, office and residential space on the corner of West 6th Street and St. Clair. remaining avenue where the warehouse district picks up.

See a detailed breakdown of the plan Here.



Later developments could create new places to live, work and shop and connect the Warehouse District to Public Square.

The impact

55 Public space
The plans confirm what 55 Public Square owners were betting on when they did bought the building in February 2021 after years of trying to buy it from Optima Management. The plan is to renovate the building’s multi-storey car park, create new office space and 156 new residential units.

The new headquarters will have at least 3,000 Sherwin Williams employees across the street from the new office and residential space, while the two-story pavilion will not block the view from the new restaurant area of ​​55 Public Square in the former John Q’s Steakhouse location.


News 5

The open parking spaces are to be converted into a Sherwin Williams headquarters, a parking garage and a pavilion along Public Square.

“This building in front of us will only have two floors,” said Doug Price, CEO of the K&D Group, points out the windows in the lobby of 55 Public Square. “From what I’ve seen, 55 retains its real notoriety on the pitch.”

Price said he hopes the restaurant and a renovated 55 Public Square will help bridge the gap between the Euclid Avenue corridor and East 4th Street and the warehouse district.

Right now, there is limited dining and entertainment options between the southeast tip of Public Square and West 6th Street, with the two huge parking lots in between. The hope is that a restaurant at 55 Public Square and a new high-rise with its own retail stores nearby will shorten that distance while adding additional attractions.

75 Public space
The new HQ will have a similar impact on 75 Public Square next door. The 15-story building is being renovated into 114 units with two retail locations on the ground floor and a range of amenities including a rooftop terrace.


Kevin Barry

The parcels on which the pavilion and the headquarters of Sherwin-Williams could one day stand are now used as large parking lots.

The construction work should be completed by the end of 2021, and the first residents will move in soon.

Just around the corner from the Perry Payne building Kyler Smith extends filtersby adapting the idea of ​​travel destinations he saw in Miami and Los Angeles with curated locations within the venue to encourage people to post their experiences on social media, essentially as free marketing for the restaurant.



Filter plans to move into the ground floor of the Perry Payne building, just a few blocks from Sherwin-Williams’ new headquarters.

“Only in town will it be the place you want to go because it will be popular,” said Smith.

Smith said he started this project during the pandemic believing that once the COVID-19 wore off, people would be eager to go out again as soon as it was safe.

The reactions

The early push-back mainly targeted the pedestrian bridges on the second floor, comparing them to the proposed pedestrian bridge on the other side of the public square, which connect the JACK Casino with a parking garage. Community members pushed against this bridge when it was launched.

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