August is Black-owned Enterprise Month: Have fun by supporting Higher Cleveland’s Black entrepreneurs with this helpful listing


CLEVELAND, Ohio – August has been Black Business Month since 2004.

The US Census Bureau – in its latest enterprise count, conducted in 2017 – found that Blacks or African Americans owned just over 124,000 businesses with at least one paid employee. These companies make up 2.2% of the country’s 5.7 million businesses. In Ohio, 81,000 companies are owned by African Americans.

In the past, black-owned businesses served as meeting places for black communities across the country. Today, as more black businesses go online, they are creating new avenues for economic opportunity and intergenerational prosperity in the black community.

But the coronavirus pandemic took its toll.

That Federal Reserve Bank of New York established that US small business ownership fell 22% between February 2020 and April 2020, but black ownership fell 41% – the largest decline among any racial group during the depths of the pandemic. Surviving black-owned businesses have lost half of their income since the pandemic began, compared with 37 percent of white owners H&R block.

In July 2020, assemble a Black Owned Business Directory in Greater Cleveland. The list was taken from the Urban League of Cleveland, Official Black Wall Street, The real black Friday, Jump start and Cleveland Bucket List Web pages. It is updated regularly on a weekly basis.

Whether you’re looking for accounting services, lawn maintenance, tutoring, salon services, delicious food – and everything in between – we hope you use this list to help support black entrepreneurs and community members in the greater Cleveland area.