PFF Mock Draft Offers Cleveland Browns Assist On The Again Finish


It’s no secret that the Cleveland Browns will be looking to improve several positions on the defensive side of the ball. One of them is security, a position with a lot of uncertainty for the future. Ronnie Harrison will have a safety point, that goes without saying. Andrew Sendejo and Karl Joseph are both said to be free agents, Cleveland will need help there.

In an ideal world, the Browns give Joseph a team-friendly deal and bring him back to play in the deep. Joseph played solidly in the box, where he is better fit than playing under cover.

Grant Delpit is set to return after injury but it is unknown what to expect from the rookie right away. In order for the defensive coordinator to run the defense he wants, it would be positive to have three guarantees for the starting caliber out there. Pro Football Focus released a sham draft that would help the Browns do just that. PFF let the Browns win a Jim Thorpe winner for the second time in a row, this time Trevion Moehrig from the TCU. Möhrig is a very good player, a clear first round player and a player who may not be in the 26th election. When he’s there, choosing him will be a breeze for Cleveland.

Möhrig played for the Horned Frogs for three years and had his best year as a junior. Möhrig had defended 62 tackles, four interceptions and 11 passes. The athletic safety also had to fumble.

A player who finds the ball will be Möhrig, preferably in a safe place where it can run around. The size is there at 6-foot-2, he’s long and hard to hit, may have to pack a little more. Moehrig has a framework that can compete in today’s NFL.

If the Browns take Moehrig, in the ideal situation, he would join Grant Delpit as two of the team’s security guards. Ronnie Harrison could do a lot of different things for the Browns and be in the field most of the time. Harrison might be the team’s “rover,” he can tackle it, and he can take cover. Whatever the defense needs from him, he would do it.

Moehrig’s election would give the Browns a trio of young security guards, a position the Browns need to get better at. Cleveland’s front office scores overtake rushers and players in cover, they can’t go wrong with a pass rusher or a defensive back like Moehrig.