Memorial Day wreath laying ceremony honors Toledo veterans


Wreaths line the Civic Center Mall in downtown Toledo as part of the wreath laying ceremony honoring our current and past veterans.

TOLEDO, Ohio – One of the largest Memorial Day parades in the area was not possible this year due to COVID-19, but organizers made sure to honor our fallen service members anyway.

Wreaths line the Civic Center Mall in downtown Toledo as part of the ceremonial wreath laid in honor of our current and past veterans.

Traditionally the city of Toledo has a parade and local high school marching bands take part, but COVID-19 has changed the look of the past two years.

Separately, the Toledo Lucas County Memorial Day Association made sure that these lives were honored.

“Doing this in an abbreviated way this time without everyone joining together and the speakers or the parade is a unique experience after all the decades of doing it the traditional way,” said Vietnam veteran Gene Shurtz.

Every year, the ceremony is held to remember those who no longer serve our country while their memories and sacrifices stay alive.

The president of the association, Robert E. Schmitt, says that many of those present have a personal relationship with the holiday, including himself.

“I only had one uncle who was killed during WWII. So the point is to remember him, but then we’ve lost so many men and women over the years. That’s over a million members, men and women Women. ” died in the service of our country, “said Schmitt.

He says the club does this year after year because it’s about showing respect and educating the public to keep the tradition going.

“Stop and remember those who not only served and fought and died with me, but those who served as veteran attorneys in civilian life,” Shurtz said.

The organizers want to bring the parade back for next year and are now raising money to make sure that happens.

Donations can be made or received at the Toledo Lucas County Memorial Day Association offices on W. Alexis Rd. 2020.