Orchids Endlessly Present Opens Right this moment at Cleveland Botanical Backyard


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The pandemic won’t stop the 15th year Orchids forever Show from the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

It opens today and runs until April 11th. You can see a slideshow of photos from the exhibition Here.

“Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowering plants in the world and we are excited to be opening this stunning show in Cleveland,” said Jill Koski, President and CEO of Holden Forests & Gardens, in a press release. “Being surrounded by orchids is a delightful and mood-lifting experience that may be more welcome today than ever before. At the same time, Orchids Forever will educate visitors about its incredible resilience and the importance of Earth’s biodiversity to ensure we can enjoy it for generations. ”

The exhibition features hundreds of Phalaenopsis orchids and the orchid sculpture “Orchids in Bloom” designed by copper, resin and steel artists Mark Lagergren and Anthony M. Ball.

Horticultural exhibitions feature exotic plants and narrative panels about orchid science. The greenhouse rainforest biomes will highlight orchid species from the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia and Central America.

Guests scan QR codes for more information about the various orchids on display.

The show features thousands of orchids, and visitors will experience them by walking down a socially distant one-way path. A limited number of advance reservations are possible every day. Face masks must be worn in the inner garden building.

The Botanical Garden stays open until 8:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate more guests.

Orchids and everything you need to grow them can be bought from the Garden Store.

Orchids Forever is $ 15 per adult and $ 10 per child ages three to 12 (free for children under two). Entry is free for members of Holden Forests & Gardens. Advance reservations are required.

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