Enterprise proprietor annoyed after continued violence at Columbus strip mall


COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Columbus Police are investigating a shootout that injured a woman.

He’s fed up with the crime in the area, and it wasn’t his first time at work trying to find a tape for the crime scene on Saturday, according to a local business owner with three stores in the mall where it happened.

Special duty officer involved in the NE Columbus shooting

“We have 28 cameras, we have an alarm system, we have a gate, we have bars … just to protect this store, it’s ridiculous,” said Chuchay’s supermarket owner Mars Ordóñez.

He says the first thing he asked when he arrived was whether his business had been destroyed. Thankfully it wasn’t, but he says it’s still alarming. His family works in three of his restaurant chains and he has already closed prematurely, he doesn’t know what else to do.

“We close at 7 o’clock. What kind of supermarket closes at 7am? We, ”said Ordóñez.

Now that the curfew has been lifted and the Next Door bar has extended its hours, it has been difficult, according to his brother-in-law who works for the restaurant next door.

“The first time the curfew is lifted, this happens,” said Ivan Firmalan, manager of Kuyan Ian’s Bistro.

Both said one thing is certain: more needs to be done to keep the community safe.

“The Columbus Police Department needs to be more present in this area,” Ordóñez said.

They have their families and their income to think about.

“I have my mother here and she is old. We’ll make sure we go home in the regular hours, ”said Firmalan.