Metropolis of Columbus, Ohio, and Andre Hill’s household comply with $10 million settlement over his dying


The city of Columbus, Ohio reached a $ 10 million settlement with the family of Andre Hill, a black man fatally shot by a now former police officer walking out of the garage of a house, officials announced on Friday.

The settlement, the highest amount the city has ever paid, will be put to a vote on Monday by Columbus City Council.

“We understand that the Hill family will never be whole because of the actions of this former officer,” prosecutor Zach Klein said in a statement. “No amount of money will ever bring Andre Hill back to his family, but we believe this is an important and necessary step in the right direction.”

In addition to the settlement, he said a gym in the Brentnell Community Center would be renamed after Hill.

Hill, 47, was fatally shot and killed by Officer Adam Coy on December 22, after Coy and a second officer answered a phone call that a person in a vehicle kept turning the engine on and off.

None of the officers turned on their body cameras until immediately after the shooting. However, an automatic “review” function recorded the recording without audio.

In the footage, Coy can be seen with his flashlight as he and the other officer walked down the driveway of a house that Hill was staying at. Hill left the garage with a cell phone in hand and approached the officers when it was him shot four times by Coy.

Coy was Fired from the Columbus Division of Police indicted in December and in connection with Hill’s death. He pleaded not guilty of murder in the commission of a crime, a felony, and reckless murder.

In February a judge reduced its $ 3 million bond to $ 1 million.

Coy’s attorney had previously said his client believed Hill had a gun but no gun was found at the scene.

Attorneys representing the Hill family thanked the City of Columbus and its administrators for renaming the high school and “for doing the right thing in agreeing to a financial settlement with the family.”

“Now everyone involved can begin to heal,” the lawyers said in a statement.

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