Exhibit Columbus installations taking form


COLUMBUS, Ind. – Talk about a world of discovery.

That’s a big part of the idea behind many of the 13 temporary architectural installations currently taking shape for the opening of Exhibit Columbus on August 20th with a gala event and one-day list of activities on August 21st.

An international spirit of discovery will reign in a Christopher Columbus-inspired pop-up piece entitled “Columbus Columbia Columbo Colón” in Mill Race Park. The efforts of the design office Dream the Combine to highlight 58 of the cities in the world named after the discoverer are, according to the exhibition organizers, only one of the works of all those who are currently meeting on site and in architecture offices around the world.

Exhibition Columbus alternates between an exhibition in a year and a symposium in the next year. It’s an exploration of art, architecture, design, and community that highlights the city’s global heritage in modernist architecture and encourages creativity and new ideas for the future. This year’s theme is “New Center: From Main Street to Megalopolis – What is the future of the Mittelstadt?”

Dream the Combine’s married Minneapolis duo, consisting of Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carruthers, already have the base of aluminum stakes in the ground near the amphitheater in the park. Ideally, they expect to finish their multi-symbolic project maybe by August 7th.

“Architecture is like a long race,” said Carruthers, adding that he and his partner started their piece early. “Due to some bottlenecks in the items in demand this year, it took a little more effort to thread the needle.”

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