Meth cargo seized in Cincinnati headed to George from Mexico


U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials in Cincinnati said they recently seized a shipment of about 20 pounds of methamphetamine, worth just over $ 627,000 on the street, hidden in blankets.

The highly addictive stimulants from Guadalajara, Mexico were piped to a West Point, Georgia residence before being sniffed by a trained dog, customs said in a press release.

“Our officials excel at connecting the dots and identifying and disrupting transnational networks of all types of illicit trafficking, be it intellectual property violations, narcotics or agriculture violations, or the enforcement of numerous partner agencies’ regulations,” said Richard Gillespie, Director of the Port of Cincinnati in the release.

“Although bad actors continue to try to get their dangerous goods across our borders, our officials are there to prevent narcotics like these from reaching our citizens.”