‘I stand by my officers’: Columbus police chief addresses viral video of arrest, officer assault


A video showed the arrest of a man who broke up overnight at a gas station on South High Street.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant held a press conference Saturday afternoon to discuss a video showing an arrest going viral on social media.

The one-minute and thirty-second video shared on Instagram on Friday shows the arrest of a man at a Speedway gas station on 1165 South High Street.

“A 1:30 video doesn’t show what really happened,” said Bryant. “There’s more to it than what happened in the video.”

According to the police chief, the man was disruptive to the employee. The seller asked him to leave the store.

When the man refused to leave, the clerk asked the police for help.

A special duty officer asked the man to leave, which led to an argument between the two.

The video shows a police officer who wrestles and pushes the man into the gas station. The man yells, “Get off me. Get off me.”

The officer is then shown handcuffing the man, but the suspect continued to resist arrest.

The police believe that the man was arrested with clubs. He is charged on a charge of trespassing and double assault.

Bryant said the clerk and officer suffered minor injuries. The use of force is being investigated, but Bryant said the officer did the right thing.

“I stand behind my officers when they do the right thing,” she said.

In the video, a woman was seen opening the front door, beating the clerk and officer, and telling them to “let go of him.”

According to police, investigators are trying to identify the woman.