GPS-guided strolling tour spotlights Toledo’s Outdated West Finish | Group


TOLEDO – Hikers looking to explore Toledo’s Old West End have a new high-tech option: a GPS guided tour called Toledo’s Old West End Walking Tour.

This three-part package of self-guided walking tours sheds light on the homes, buildings and people in Toledo’s most famous neighborhood. As you stroll through the Old West End, your phone’s GPS locator and VoiceMap app trigger directions and commentary – and share history, architecture, and culture. Users can stop and start the tours at any time and continue exploring at their own pace.

Toledo’s Old West End is home to one of the largest collections of late Victorian homes in the United States. Through this guided tour package, users walk with Tedd Long, author and curator of and Ted Ligibel, the emeritus director of Eastern Michigan University’s award-winning monument conservation program, as they explore the stories behind the classic examples of Colonial, Georgian, Italian Renaissance, Queen Ann, Dutch Colonial, French Second Empire, and Crafts Houses.

Users hear stories about past and present residents and the architects behind many of the buildings. Each walk focuses on a specific area in the Old West End, including the museum, cathedral, and campus neighborhoods.

Long has developed several other history tours of northwest Ohio for the VoiceMap app, including a ride along the Maumee River, an “unholy” gangster tour of Toledo, and a walking tour of Fort Meigs.

“I’m often asked about tours of the Old West End, so this package is my answer. What started as a single tour has evolved into three different walks so people can take their time and thoroughly explore this great neighborhood, ”said Long. “I would add that these walks are specifically designed for walking. We want users to experience the neighborhood at the pace the architects expected when these homes and buildings were designed. The sidewalks here in the Old West End are intentionally wide to allow for a leisurely stroll. “