Cleveland holds off Pirates sweep –


The Pittsburgh Pirates fell 2-1 to Cleveland at PNC Park on Sunday afternoon. The Indians won the game after manager Derek Shelton pulled the starting pitcher JT Brubaker with two outs in the seventh inning. Brubaker allowed two runs on three hits during his excursion. He went no dough and hit nine.

The Bucs are off today and will host the Chicago White Sox for two games starting Tuesday.

The pirates put the helper Sam Howard on the 10-day list of those injured with tendinitis of the right knee. Howard gave up six well-deserved runs on his outing on Friday. The Pirates took a 10-game streak of bad luck in that game by beating Cleveland 11-10, but blew a 10-1 lead during that game.

The New York Yankees turned their third triple play of the season, which set an MLB record. Sunday for the horn was their second triple game of the week.