FOOTBALL: Columbus outlasts Edgerton 35-28 in Rock Valley Small showdown | Soccer


“He threw the ball really well,” said Columbus coach Calvin Zenz. “Its degree of completion is not what it should be. We had way too many drops. But he played well every week. This is his second year on the offensive and he’s thriving. It’s been a while since we threw so many meters. “

Seven of these passes went to Kirchberg for 132 yards and two touchdowns.

“You are talking about a guy who is an animal,” said Zenz. “He’s probably one of the most physically composed guys I’ve ever had. For a man weighing 215 he walks like a little man.

“Offensive, this is the first team to cover him individually. He was pretty much double covered and taken off the schedule for the first two weeks, but that allowed other guys to get involved. “

Kirchberg’s first touchdown reception was for 34 yards to give Columbus an 8-0 lead with 2:19 in the first round.

The momentum didn’t last long when the Cardinals kicked Konner Knauf at the next whistle, who returned them for an 87-yard touchdown to cut the deficit to 8-7 at 2:03.

“We said all week:” Don’t kick the ball on No. 6, “said Zenz.” Then the very first kick goes to No. 6 and he accommodates it. It’s nerve-wracking, irritating, annoying and everything else. “