GIRLS VOLLEYBALL: Columbus is swept by Brodhead in Div. 2 sectional semifinal | Volleyball


Brodhead finished with 30 blocked attempts, but only seven of those were block kills.

“They’re big,” said Heller. “They had a big front row. We did what we could in training, but I think we see a big block when we haven’t seen that the whole year is just different. You have to learn how to work around it. Unfortunately it is late now. “

Both Columbus and Brodhead were neck to neck in the first set. The first set was tied at 2, 4, 8, 9 and 13 before Brodhead started an 11-3 run to take a powerful 24:16 lead. Brodhead would trade points with Columbus to end the first set in a win.

“Our communication was good,” said Heller. “You spoke in games one and three. We moved our feet. “

Columbus couldn’t recover in the second set when Brodhead took a 15-3 lead. Columbus would tackle a few points before Brodhead finished the second set with a 10-5 run to create a two-set lead.

“I don’t know if the nerves got us or what happened, but we just switched off,” said Heller. “I’m proud that they came back in the third game and fought hard and made more swings. I think they were just thinking things over. “

Dix ended the night with 18 kills and 15 digs. Young also finished with 11 digs.