El Paso DJ recollects stabbing on Cincinnati Road


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – An El Paso DJ started turning the tables on Saturday night, but it quickly turned into a life-saving situation when he heard screams.

“I just hear a few women screaming,” Hey, help, help, help, this guy got stabbed, “said Maurice Jett, DJ at Rockin ‘Cigar Bar and Grill.

Jett tells KTSM he ran to help and found a man with multiple stab wounds on the sidewalk on Cincinnati Avenue.

“We put pressure on his wound or whatever the case so he wouldn’t bleed out and that was on the rock over there,” Jett said, pointing to a large rock ledge that was still covered in blood on Sunday evening.

Jett says he prayed and tried to speak to the man until EMT arrived.

“I held him in my arms the whole time, and kept putting pressure on his wound,” Jett said.

According to El Paso police, the sting occurred early Sunday morning and the victim was taken to hospital. The police have not released any information on whether they have a suspect in custody.

Police reported that the sting took place on the Rockin ‘Cigar, but the bar owner said it happened outside where Jett was helping.

Frank Ricci Jr., the owner of Rockin ‘Cigar, tells KTSM that the Cincinnati Entertainment District has become more violent lately.

“Cincinnati has always been known for having a little more violence, and the police always walked the streets taking care of a lot,” Ricci said. “And Cincinnati is returning to that reputation, and we have to put an end to it.”

Ricci adds that he hired two bouncers at his bar, but they focus on the inside of the bar rather than what’s going on outside. Ricci says no major violent incidents have happened in his bar, but he says violent things are happening in the area.

“The other day we had a person who came in who was bleeding profusely in another place and who came to our place for refuge. So we helped him and kept the one he ran away from, but there is a lot of violence again, ”said Ricci.