Dad desires Toledo Public Colleges to do extra after September hack


A father worries that Toledo public schools are not doing enough after a hack exposed students’ personal information in September and the potential for identity theft.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Children at Toledo Public Schools have been studying virtually for nearly a year, and it was in September when the district’s computers were hacked.

Now a local father says TPS is not doing enough to protect his children’s identities.

Dennis Sibbersen is a home dad. He has focused on his three children’s virtual learning at TPS, but admits that he was concerned when he found out they were part of that cyberattack last fall.

He is concerned that the hack’s disclosure of their personal information has made them a target for identity theft.

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“How would you ever recover from that? I don’t care what kind of education you have, that’s a lifetime,” said Sibbersen.

The district offers one year of free surveillance to students and faculties whose information has been compromised.

Sibbersen said that was not enough.

He says his daughter is disabled and will need help for the rest of her life. Sibbersen isn’t sure how this could go on if her identity were compromised.

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“It’s only a year of service. It’s like putting a baby plaster on an open wound. What will happen after a year?” Said Sibbersen.

Sibbersen would like to see the surveillance extend to at least the age of 18 on his children, but at this point he doesn’t know if he wants to turn it on.

He says that would force him to open email accounts for each of his children.

“We have to find a better way to fix this. I mean, right now this offer doesn’t work for me and I wouldn’t accept it,” said Sibbersen.

WTOL has contacted TPS and has not made any additional comments at this time.