Columbus zoo now has a altering room and household restroom


Columbus (WCMH) – Families of people with special needs face challenges that most of us never think of. For example, do the public toilets work for us? Now things are changing from Monday at Columbus Zoo & Aquarium.

Olivia Brohard, 18, decided to set up a changing room and family toilet here. She said the inspiration came from her sibling.

“My brother Abram lived with paraplegic cerebral palsy,” said Brohard.

She recalls visiting the zoo and the trip was cut short because there was no bathroom that met his needs.

“It’s not really something you think about if you don’t live it. With my family, 4 other sisters and Abram it was a bit of a chore to take them all with you. If you don’t have the opportunity to change Abram, you have to go home, ”she said.

Abram died in 2019 after complications from a brief illness. However, this only made Olivia more motivated to keep his legacy alive and to help others like her brother.

Olivia hopes that her “Stay All Day” project will help people spend more time with their loved ones at the zoo and feel comfortable doing so.

Olivia and her mother hope to be able to target other areas of the city in the near future.