College students adorn Toledo with free winter objects for these in want


Students put hats and scarves on trees and benches for anyone who needs them.

TOLEDO, Ohio – St. Pius students took a special trip to downtown Toledo today.

Make sure everyone can stay warm for the rest of the winter.

Just like ornaments, hats and scarves are lovingly placed on trees near the TARTA transport hub. But unlike decorations, people are encouraged to remove them and bring them home.

“We had two weeks to collect as much as possible and today we’re giving them back to all the homeless in need,” said eighth grader Josh Rahe.

Josh Rahe and Sydney Miller are out with their 8th grade classmates to make sure the hats and scarves find a new home.

Each donated item has a label that says “I’m not lost” and states that if you need it, you can take it with you when you need it.

“There are 10 of our eighth graders out here this morning and 457,” said Headmistress Susan Richardson.

This idea is not new to the students. Richardson says it resembles a lesson they have been taught for years.

“You started when you were in 3rd grade, and it came out of something we are trying to teach at St. Pius that you are not blessed with what you want, but with what you need “said Richardson.

And today it serves as a reminder to share these blessings with others.