Cincinnati Will Have fun 200 Years Of Judaism Right here Subsequent Month


It was in September 1821 when a small group of Cincinnatians inaugurated the first Jewish cemetery west of the Allegheny Mountains in what is now the city’s West End. A few years later they founded the city’s first Jewish synagogue.

Two centuries later, Cincinnati is preparing for a momentous 15-month celebration of the city’s significant Jewish heritage called The Jewish Cincinnati Bicentennial. This story includes a number of prominent figures and the founding of Reform Judaism here in Queen City. The series of celebrations and events is designed to highlight the contribution that Jewish immigrants – and immigrants and minorities as a whole – have made and continue to make in the greater Cincinnati area.

At Cincinnati Edition, talk about the city’s historic relationship with Judaism and the multitude of events planned to mark its 200th anniversary Greater Cincinnati Jewish Cemeteries Managing Director David Harris and Bicentenary of the Jewish Cincinnati Co-chair Tamara Harkavy.

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