4 Cleveland suburbs on the East Facet will quickly permit electrical scooter leases


CLEVELAND, Ohio – First launched in Cleveland in the summer of 2019, electric scooters are coming soon to four inner ring suburbs.

All four Cleveland brands – Bird, Lime, Spin and LINK – will start operations in Cleveland Heights, South Euclid, Euclid and East Cleveland on Friday, just before Labor Day weekend.

Each vendor will place 10 scooters in every city except East Cleveland, where each will park four, said Mike Foley, director of sustainability for Cuyahoga County.

East Cleveland is getting fewer scooters because it has only identified two so-called “rebalancing centers” where the scooters are parked every morning, Foley said.

Foley said the rebalancing centers will primarily be located in business districts and along key corridors.

In Cleveland Heights, these locations will be along Lee, Coventry, Cedar, Taylor and Noble Streets, said Eric Zamft, director of planning for Cleveland Heights.

“We are definitely excited,” said Zamft. “We’re already seeing them, kind of informally.”

Zamft said the scooters will be particularly useful along Noble Road, where transit options are more limited than other parts of the city.

The southern Euclidean mayor Georgine Welo also expressed her enthusiasm in a prepared declaration by the district.

“They offer our residents a great alternative means of transport that is environmentally friendly,” the statement said. “With easy shopping and dining destinations like Cedar Center North and a large student population from Notre Dame College and John Carroll University, we believe the scooters are a good fit for our community.”

Foley said sellers will only offer scooters initially, but will have the option to add electric bikes if they so choose. Only Lime offers electric bikes in Cleveland. According to Cleveland City Hall, the same regulations apply to the suburbs as apply to scooters and electric bicycles in Cleveland, where the speed limit is 15 mph.

The travel costs depend on the provider.

For Lime, it will cost $ 1 to unlock the scooter and 15 cents a minute, said Phil Jones, senior director of government relations at Lime. He said that like the other vendors, there will be discounts for those who qualify.

The LINK brand, owned by Superpedestrian Inc., costs $ 1 to unlock and 35 cents a minute, company spokesman Hasneet Punia said.

Punia said the LINK scooter is the heaviest on the market and we believe it offers the most stable ride on the market.

Foley said vendors in the city where the ride takes place will provide 15 cents of the proceeds from each ride.

The expansion of the scooters into the suburbs is made possible by a memorandum of understanding between the cities and the county that licenses the sellers. Other cities are expected to join the stock program soon, Foley said. Likely candidates are University Heights, Shaker Heights, and Lakewood.

Foley said he believes the scooters were a success in Cleveland, where, despite the pandemic, they logged 200,000 trips in 2020 with no major incident or safety concerns.

“The companies make money. People like them, ”he said.

In the University Circle neighborhood, where 50,000 people work and 10,000 people live, scooters and electric bikes have become major modes of transportation and, in some cases, the fastest means of transportation, said Chris Ronayne, president of University Circle Inc.

The Lime and Spin electric scooters are parked on the East Bank of the Flats. (File Photo, 2019)The Plain Dealer